Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Touring Moscow - Red Squre + Evgeny Onegin 1/8/14

          The trip to Yaroslavl was extremely exhausting yet truly enjoyable. It was thus a necessity to have the next morning free. Most of us started our day having had a good night's rest. This day was our first day really exploring the city of Moscow. Our awesome guide Alex (no but actually he's the coolest guide with rad swag) met us in front of the university and immediately proceeded to educate us of the city's history. Although we mainly stayed inside the van throughout the tour as he spoke through a microphone, we were still able to get off at the popular tourist destinations. This was the case for Red Square / Красная Площадь. As we were dropped off at the gates, the view just galvanized us to explore and take pictures. Here are some of them:

As we continued walking around, Alex pointed out the time and explained how every hour the changing of the guards of the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier"takes place. We also were able to go to GUM / ГУМ, an extravagant shopping center in Red Square.

After walking around Red Square for a good hour or two, Alex took us to Баганьковское Кладбищe, where we were able to visit the graves of some very famous and influential figures in Russian history and literature such as Anton Chekhov, Boris Yeltsin, and Nikolai Gogol.

Following the cemetery, we all decided it would be best to return to the dormitory to start getting ready for Tchaikovsky's opera of Alexandr Pushkin's Eugene Onegin / Евгений Онегин. Thus, we took one last quick stop at Храм Христа Спасителя (a famous church that also happens to be the same church in which Pussy Riot performed). The guards, unfortunately, did not let us in but we were still able to capture some shots from afar.

At around 7 p.m. we arrived at the Музыкальный театр имени Станиславского (theatre). The opera began, and we all felt extremely lucky to have been given such great seats. This is something we had been looking forward to all day. Not only were the singers fantastic, but the visual was truly extraordinary throughout the performance. The contrasting colors and perfect acoustics made the overall experience.

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