Thursday, January 23, 2014

Looking for souvenirs in Moscow?

Saturday, January 11th 

  After a successful first week of class, we finally had a free weekend in Moscow! Because buying souvenirs for friends and family was one of our must-thing-to-dos, most of us decided to go to Moscow’s big outdoor souvenir market in Izmailovo. As we entered into the market after paying 10 rubbles for an entrance fee, we immediately knew that we were in the right place. We could basically find anything that we were looking for: hundreds and thousands of matryoshka, scarfs and shawls, Russian arts and crafts, magnets, and shot glasses…I mean everything! This place was a souvenir heaven.  

Entrance to the market
Matryoshka dolls!
   While we were wandering around the market, one of the sellers approached to us and told us to check out his fur hats. (“девушки, шапки шапки!”) Lured by the beauty and soft furs, I ended up with a hat on my head.  Although the haggling is possible up to 10 percent here, I was a little intimidated by aggressive sellers that I just gave in after my first failed attempt.

Sravanti and I after buying our hats!

Right next to the market, there was also a small but beautiful kremlin and wedding chapel. When we got there, the place was loud with laughter and noise from the wedding. The newly wed couple was posing for a picture in front of the kremlin.

Kremlin (pictures taken by Sravanti) 

Despite the rainy and windy day, we really enjoyed our shopping at Izmailovo outdoor market and were able to get souvenirs for cheapest prices possible!

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