Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Last Week

On the 17th, the entire group went to a modern theater called Theater.doc (театр.doc). The play we saw was called БерлусПутин (BerlusPutin). This was definitely an interesting experience for all of us. The theater was small but intimate and sat only about 60 people.  We were surprisingly the youngest group there. The show consisted of only three performers: one actor who performed all the male characters, one actress who performed all female characters, and another actress who acted as stage hand and prop assistance. The show was acted as a show within a show, and because it was all in Russian it was a little hard to follow at times, but the actress was so great and entertaining. I was happy that the theater was smaller because we were able to pick up on her facial expressions and intensity easier, in such an intimate environment. All around we really enjoyed the experience and I’m glad we got to see such an interesting play and unique theater. Afterwards a group of us thought it would be hilarious to check out the T.G.I.Friday’s that is located down the street from our dorm. We each got an order of French fries and talked about the play.
A few days later, a small group of us went to Café Pushkin. It is one of the most popular and famous café’s in Moscow. According to Sravanti, Time Magazine has it listed as one of the top 10 places to check out in Moscow. Because of the incredibly expensive prices, we decided to go just for dessert. Walking into the cafe for the first time was mind-blowing! The decor is supposed to represent how Pushkin’s house looked, and it feels just like it! From the elaborate decorations and dim lighting, to the wait-staff attire, to the live piano and flute music in the reservation-only section. As if the aesthetic wasn't enough, our pistachio cake with ice cream, strawberries, and vanilla mousse was given to us literally lit on fire and glowing blue. Phenomenal and honestly, to watch our waiter light the desserts on fire and present us with the delicious treat, was enough for me, even before we tasted it. Good food, good treats, and great company it was a great way for this trip to come to a close.

Now that we are all back safe and sound to campus, everything has really hit us including the jet lag. This was such a great opportunity and experience for all of us and we were able to take away so much from the trip. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible with the ups, the downs, and everything in between. From Moscow (and now Wellesley) with love J

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