Friday, January 3, 2014

В Москву! В Москву!

Dear Friends and Family,

С Новым годом и добро пожаловать в наш блог!
Welcome to our blog!

Happy New Year to you from Wintersession in Moscow 2014, a group of 14 courageous students and one fearless professor on the eve of our departure from snowy Boston for snowless Moscow!

We will use this blog to post daily reports and photos of our adventures in Russia.
We have a very exciting program this year. Before Russian language classes begin on January 9th, we will take an overnight trip to medieval towns of Yaroslavl’ and Rostov. On the way back to Moscow, we will stop over in Sergiev Posad to visit a tiny Museum of MatrЁshka and a magnificent Lavra, the Trinity Monastery of St. Serguis on 7 January, the day of Russian Orthodox Christmas. In Moscow, we will take a city bus excursion, visit the Kremlin and its Armory Museum, make a tour of the renovated Bolshoi Theater, spend an afternoon at the Space Museum and a night at the opera. These are just a few highlights of our trip. We hope you will enjoy our blogging (almost) as much as we will enjoy our 20 days in Moscow.

Thank you for stopping in,
Alla L’vovna 


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  2. It is 30 F degrees warmer where you are. Who would ever think that escaping to Moscow was like wintering in the Caribbean. We look forward to future blog entries and pictures. Have a great time. You are all fearless.